Granada City by benedek

Starting Price US$3,750.00 per peron

Granada City, Ometepe Island, Papagayo Gulf, Arenal Volcano, Tortuguero National Park, Bocas del Toro & Panama City


This trip offers a mix of cultural and natural experiences across three countries, starting with the colonial city of Granada in Nicaragua and its nearby attractions, such as the Nicaragua Lake and Masaya Volcano. The trip then heads to Ometepe Island to explore its natural wonders, including the Laguna Verde and other scenic spots.

Next, the itinerary takes you to the Papagayo Gulf in Costa Rica for some relaxing beach time and optional activities. Then, it's off to the Arenal Volcano area for a combination of nature and adventure activities, such as sloth watching, hanging bridges, waterfall tour, and hot springs.

The trip then continues to Tortuguero, where you'll have the opportunity to observe wildlife and explore the canals by boat, with optional turtle nesting or hatching depending on the season. Cahuita is the last stop in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Finally, the itinerary wraps up with a visit to the beautiful beaches of Bocas del Toro in Panama, where you'll have a chance to go dolphin watching, snorkeling, and explore the area's unique starfish. The trip concludes with three nights in Panama City, with a mix of cultural and nature-focused activities available.


Overnight for 20 nights in the selected hotels. Breakfast every day, fullboar while in Tortuguero National Park, Rental Car in Nicaragua & Costa Rica, ground and water transportation in Panama, plus flight from Bocas del Toro to Panama City.


Here's a general packing list for your trip to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama:

Remember to check the weather forecast for each destination before packing to ensure you have appropriate clothing and gear. Also, double-check the specific activities you have planned to see if there are any additional items you may need to bring.


Overall, be open to new experiences and enjoy the natural beauty and culture that Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama have to offer. Be respectful of local customs and culture, and learn a few key phrases in Spanish.

Be open to trying new foods and experiences, such as local dishes and activities. Consider booking tours or activities in advance to avoid disappointment. Be mindful of your surroundings and keep your valuables safe. Trying local cuisine and drinks, such as vigoron, quesillo or nacatamal and Ron Flor de Caña in Niacaragua, gallo pinto, rice with chicken, ceviche and the guaro in Costa Rica, seafood in Bocas del Toro and Ron Abuelo in Panama.


If you have some extra time to extend your trip in Costa Rica, you can explore the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve known for its beautiful cloud forest, unique wildlife, and coffee plantations. Adding two nights in Monteverde would provide you with more time to explore this unique region and its attractions.

Though the recommendation is to land in Managua & depart from Panama, you could as well land and depart to/from San José, and add some days and changes to your itinerary.


Arriving in Managua, Nicaragua, ideally before noon

Depart from Panama City, ideally after 2pm